One Million Hit Wonder is a living, breathing experiment.

The aim of the One Million Hit Wonder experiment, is to eventually attract one million unique visitors to this site each week. I simply want to prove that building traffic to a website isn’t difficult, as long as the correct principles are used.

To ensure consistency in this experiment, a ‘week’ is defined as a 7 day period commences each Sunday at midnight, and is based upon the North American timezone (UTC-6 hours), which makes the current time . The current progress towards the goalĀ is permanently displayed on the home page of this site.

The result, only time will tell.

The bloke behind the scenes:

My name is Jake. Some of my friends call me Cob, my college buddies call me the Muss, and my online comrades frequently refer to me as Jake The Peg.

I love live music, although my guitar playing skills are average at best. I once learnt the violin during primary school, but preferred the drums in high school. I think it affected my hearing slightly.

I currently live in Dubai Brisbane again, after a stint overseas. I was born in Gympie.

The ocean is mother nature’s greatest offering (I’ve even built a website dedicated to my love of surf culture). When indoors, I spend a lot of my time online. Entrepreneurship is a tough word to spell, but something that greatly appeals to me. I like the thought of building communities, and how they can assist in providing solutions to problems.

I believe that function comes before form. Volkswagen Kombis are my favorite car of all time, and Bread Milk Digital is another of my websites.

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