Advertising with One Million Hit Wonder is an opportunity like no other.

Click on the auction heading below if you would like to bid for next week’s advertising slot right away. Otherwise, read on if you would first like to know a bit more about advertising on One Million Hit Wonder.

Why is advertising One Million Hit Wonder so unique?

  • Whereas most website offer multiple advertising slots (thus diluting your chances of being noticed) One Million Hit Wonder provides one single advertising slot witin the entire website. This means every single visitor will notice your ad, and only your ad!
  • From the perspective of a One Million Hit Wonder website visitor, your advertisement will be the single-most prominent piece of content on the site. In other words, it is the first thing visitors will notice when they visit the site, due to its coloring and placement. Most other sites offering advertising space will have you tucked away in the sidebar beneath a whole bunch of irrelevant content and other advertisements, and still charge you top dollar!
  • You pay as much as you think your ad is worth, through the unique auction-based model of bidding for the advertising slot.
  • I firmly believe in transparency, so I’ve allowed you to monitor every single page view in real-time through the mission control section on the homepage. By knowing exactly how many ‘hits’ One Million Hit Wonder is receiving each day, you can have complete confidence that your advertising budget is being well spent.
  • Traffic is exponentially increasing to the One Million Hit Wonder website, because it is such a unique concept. What this means for you, is that your expectations regarding page impressions will more than likely be exceeded. So in other words, you will probably get more than what you paid for – how can you argue with that!

How advertising on One Million Hit Wonder works:

  • You bid on an advertising slot in our weekly eBay auction
  • If you are the winning bidder, you then secure a 7 day advertising slot on the homepage of One Million Hit Wonder (a 7 day week commences midnight Sunday, UTC-6 hours,the North American timezone)
  • And how’s this for a healthy gamble- if you the winning bidder when the website traffic reaches 1 million visitors, you will then secure then an additional 3 month advertising slot for FREE. Just imagine how much traffic and exposure you will receive over this period of time, considering how many people are visiting this site already!

To bid for the next advertising slot…

  1. Sign up to ebay (if you are not already a member!)
  2. On eBay, locate the current One Million Hit Wonder eBay auction (or simply click on the eBay auction link below this paragraph)
  3. Place the highest bid you are willing to offer (remember, eBay will take care of you, and will always keep your bid at the lowest possible price that out-bids other bidders, regardless of how high you set your maximum bid)
  4. When the auction reaches its end date, if you are the winning bidder you will be contacted via email immediately with your Ebay invoice for payment
  5. Once your payment has been received your advertisement will ‘go live’ immediately, and you will be the next lucky advertiser on One Million Hit Wonder, entitling you to a minimum of 7 days of exposure on the home page of this site, thus receivingĀ hoardsĀ of traffic courtesy of the huge interest in this project.

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